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Wow, 2021 is moving quickly, even if we as individuals are not.

Trophies – Please

We are still missing a small number of trophies which need to be returned to a committee member as quickly as possible, so please do get them returned – I am sure you know who you are.

2021 Dates

We are hopeful that we will be able to run shows more and more this years, so for know here are our dates (hopefully as they are obviously subject to Covid-19 restrictions etc)

  • March 28th – Pre Season Event
  • April 24th – Unaffiliated Dressage
  • April 25th – Show (Points)
  • May 9th – Fun Show
  • May 22nd – Unaffiliated Dressage
  • May 23rd – Show (Points)
  • June 26th – Unaffiliated Dressage
  • June 27th – Show (Points)
  • July 24th – Unaffiliated Dressage
  • July 25th – Show (Points)
  • August 8th – Fun Show
  • August 21st – Unaffiliated Dressage
  • August 22nd – Show (Points)
  • September 25th – Unaffiliated Dressage
  • September 26th – Show (Points/Supreme)

These dates are all subject to what happens this year, and although we hope to run to the 2020 schedule of classes, we may well have to change that as the year progresses, but we will up date you are we go.


We would also like to thank our 2020 Sponsors in the Schedule and let you know that we will carry your adverts over to 2021.


2021 Memberships will be available in the coming weeks, when we see more of what is happening.

We would also like to thank the 42 members that joined and supported us in 2020. It was great to see your support, and although we would love you to continue to support with a new membership for 2021 (pretty please), we will also carry over your members from 2020 to this year to allow you benefit from the reduced entry fees for any events in 2021.

2021 Events

We will continue to review the year as it progress and if we cannot, due to restrictions run full shows, we will look at the potential to repeat 2020 with Field Ride Days, Show jumping and Working Hunter Competitions and also look to increase this with smaller show days for In-Hand or Ridden, if we can.

2021 Presentation / Party

We will also look, again subject to restrictions, to run a presentation / party in November/December this year, but we may need to look at a new location as The Elizabethan Suite in Bury, may be closing for good – if you would like to give your views to Bury Council on the potential closures of their Civic Centres, please fill in this questionnaire


Thank You

Thank you to all our members, competitors and judges for your continued support and a very big thank you to your committee and helpers for their continued support: Joanne Latham, Heather Campbell-Higgens, Grete Jackson, Viv Fernside, Jackie Jackabean Talbot, Duncan Latham, Megan Latham

All the best for 2021 and please keep safe and enjoy your wonderful horses and ponies and see you all soon…

John Campbell-Higgens