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We are going through a strange time at the moment, nothing is as we would all like it to be, we are missing our friends, our family and our equestrian community. As a club have missed 2 shows, 1 dressage and our first fun show already and we are likely to miss our May dressage and show with the current level of lockdown still in place. And I have to say I am missing you all, I believe I speak for all the committee in saying we are missing the Bolton and District Riding Club Family.

Whether the club runs any events this year or not, we still as a club have some responsibilities, we need to maintain the showground, pay the rent, insurances and other costs – these for the year will be around £5,000 – the club will not fold or close down – I can promise you that, we do have the contingency in place to handle this, although it is a big hit to the clubs finances and puts on hold the other investments we hoped to make this year.

We are running a virtual show this May, so you can enter online and we can still see you all, at least virtually and if this is a success and we cannot get back to a show we will repeat. Entries will close midnight on the 24th May. The public vote will then close midnight on the 27th. The judging panel will then review and the Final Results will be posted on the 1st June. Prizes will be sent out shortly after.

If you can spare it, I would also like to ask, if you were thinking about renewing or starting your membership of the club this year, that you still do so, you can still do this now online via the website. This will mean that the club can raise at least some funds to cover costs and provide something we can use to pay back our members loyalty in the coming months.

I know that this is a lot to ask with the uncertainty around at the moment, with many people furloughed, facing an unknown work future and more, so I completely understand if you cannot for any reason what so ever.

I would like to thank members for their continued support of the club, I thank those that have already made themselves members and hope that they will see that they are supporting their club through this.

That said, if any one who did become a member before the Covid-19 situation escalated, is in a difficult situation and really needs their membership refunded, then please do contact me directly in confidence.

I am ever the optimist, I am hopeful that we will be able to run shows and dressage in the coming months, and we are also discussing other options, such as making the showground available for hire, a type of farm ride, clear round sessions and maybe one to one clinics or lessons.

These are all just ideas at the moment, so do keep an eye on our Facebook group and website as we review, discuss and plan. For these events and also the shows and dressage (when they return) of course members and supporters of the club will get a discounted rate.

I would also like to thank our advertiser, their adverts are in the schedule, which had already been printed and which I know are already out there, and available online. The committee and I thank them and ask you to continue to support their business;

  • Howarth Timber & Building Supplies
  • Naylors
  • Mel’s Pet Services
  • Sellers Feed Merchants
  • Bolton Rugby Club
  • Cottage Country Supplies
  • Happy Feeds
  • Mrs Mac’s Sweet Occasions
  • Hot Hoof Animal Supplies
  • Ladyshore Grange Boarding Kennels and Cattery
  • Munchie Covers

Thank you for your support today and into the future
John Campbell-Higgens



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