Rule Clarification

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Following a meeting of the committee for clarification on Rule 29 of the Club rules. Which states:

Competitors must enter in your own name. It is against club rules to use a membership in someone else’s name for a different rider or handler. If this is found out any placing in a class will be disqualified. In In-Hand classes the runner must be the member or entrant on the sheet. If for medical reasons the member cannot run and a substitute is required, this needs to be approved by the committee in advance and the member must be present at the ring during the class when the approved substitute is used.

The committee reviewed a decision made at the June show to allow a substitute rider and also a recent request. On reviewing and discussing these it was felt that allowing substitute riders was not a fair practice for competitors and not allowed by the rule stated above, which is the current rule in the schedule.

Therefore the points award in June will be reclassified to the actual rider and no substitute riders will be allowed.

Also it was voted that in 2020 rule amendment substitute handlers will also not be allowed next year.


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