It is nearly field ride day.. are you ready for tomorrow. All available slots have now been booked… please check the website to confirm your slot times.

To enable us to run under the Covid-19 guidelines we have the following rules:

Only arrive for your slot 10 minutes before your start time
You must vacate the show ground 10 minutes after your end time
Please adhere to social distancing when parking and riding
Please keep those coming with you to a minimum, you may bring a helper to change jump height etc.
Only riders listed and confirmed my enter the ride, there are NO payments on the day.
Please pay attention to other field users, especially dog walkers and the other group.
If your group puts a fence up or knocks it down, please return it original position before moving onto the next field.
And most importantly have a good time.

Your ride will start on the lower show ground field and will end on the working hunter field. You will have 15 minutes on the lower field and then must move up to the upper show ground and then on to the working hunter field, then return to your transport via the path passed the shed

There will be two groups of a maximum of 4 running at the same time, one on the Main field and the other on the Upper/Working Hunter field.

Slot list

Francesca-Maria Catherine Fernside will be around for at least some of the day with a drone, if you would like to be film or not please let us know either way.


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