Here are the dates for the 2021 Season, all dates are subject to change and amendment due to Covid-19 Restrictions.

Mar 28, 2021Pre-Season EventTo be confirmed
Apr 24, 2021Unaffiliated Dressage
Apr 25, 2021Show (Points)
May 9, 2021Fun ShowCancelled
May 22, 2021Unaffiliated DressageCancelled
May 23, 2021Show (Points)Cancelled
Jun 26, 2021Unaffiliated Dressage
Jun 27, 2021Show (Points)
Jul 24, 2021Unaffiliated Dressage
Jul 25, 2021Show (Points)
Aug 07, 2021Unaffiliated DressageWill be on the Hunter Field
Aug 07, 2021Fun DayWill be on the Main Field
Aug 08, 2021Show (Points)Rescheduled May Show
Aug 21, 2021Unaffiliated Dressage
Aug 22, 2021Show (Points)
Sep 25, 2021Unaffiliated Dressage
Sep 26, 2021Show (Points / Supreme)
Nov 19, 2021Presentation EveningTo Be Confirmed
Dec 02, 2021AGM